About Us

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day. We’d say neither were our Lunch Bags!

Yes that’s right. Ramaka Solutions analyzed the leading lunch bag brands and painstakingly poured over all positive and negative customer feedback in order to bring to life the first ever lunch bag brand PacknGo Bags that truly meets all customer demands. It may look like just a regular lunch bag, but what you have is truly an organized and trend setting Lunch Experience for both adults and children.

“Leveraging the voice of the customer from popular product feedback, Ramaka Solutions aims to develop improved, superior-quality PacknGo Bags products that exceed customer expectations at affordable prices.”

This is our tagline, and we have delivered in a big way! Our lunch bags provide maximum storage capacity while neatly organizing your contents and keeping them fresh.


Our Story

The story of the PacknGo Bags brand is quite unique. Seeking to harness his entrepreneurial spirit and to forge a legacy for his children, Abe Arabi left his advanced Management career in the automotive industry and founded Ramaka Solutions in 2015. With a vast amount of experience centered around product development, engineering and manufacturing, as well as quality control and inspection, Abe was equipped with the necessary tools to build a revolutionary product. Abe spent years improving customer warranty and very well understands the need to enhance the lives of customers – it is this exact mindset that has made Ramaka Solutions launch the most successful brand of lunch bags on the market, that is PacknGo Bags. With the names and images of his 3 children built directly into his business name and logo, Abe has built a sustainable enterprise that his young family can one day look forward to running!

Abe spent years improving customer warranty and very well understands the need to enhance the lives of customers – it is this exact mindset that has made PacknGo Bags the most successful brand of lunch bags on the market.


Leading The Pack

PacknGo Bags is not the usual run of the mill brand. In the world of E-commerce, the easy thing to do is to find a successful product and to slap your brand logo on it and pass it off as your own. Conversely, we are committed to carving our own niche as market leaders by developing high quality, benchmark products that are innovative and first in class. The PacknGo Bags lunch bag is just the beginning – we don’t intend to stop here! Our future plans are vast and magnanimous. While financial freedom is certainly one of our primary targets, we are more so committed to doing what we can to lift peoples’ spirits and to make the world a better place.

The PacknGo Bags lunch bags were recently used on a humanitarian aid trip at a refugee camp in Greece – an entire suitcase full of protein bars fit into just 4 of our large size bags and were distributed to women in need of nourishment at the camp. Several of our lunch bags were recently donated to a local Women’s shelter in Ontario, and the bags have also been used to feed homeless men and women in Michigan. PacknGo Bags has generously donated portions of its earnings to various relief organizations, and will continue to associate itself with charitable trusts and causes worldwide!


What Are You Waiting For!

Click Here to get your PacknGo Bags lunch bag today! The PacknGo Bags lunch bag is available in 3 different sizes with 6 color variations. It is currently sold in the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom.