Insulated cooler lunch bags from PacknGo Bags rated #1 for two consecutive years

A durable, sturdy, and spacious insulated cooler lunch bag is a valuable investment. You can pack your kid’s lunch and water bottle in it, take it with you on an outdoor excursion, or carry your food in it to your workplace. Your food will remain fresh and unspoiled. Besides, you will get to carry a variety of meals, thanks to your large lunch bag.

Sounds perfect?

However, there is a catch. Getting your hands on a lunch bag for adults that embody all the essential qualities is not an easy task. You will find not all lunch bags offer ideal insulation leading to food spoilage. More often than not, you end up putting your lunch bag in the fridge at the office. Also, the lifetime of some of the lunch bags may not be very impressive. But you do not have to worry about all of it because a perfect lunch bag for adults exists!

PacknGo bags offer the best cooler lunch bag in town

PacknGo bags are being loved by the customers and the reason is simple — they are flawless. If you want to bid farewell to the horrible days when our lunch bags start leaking, creating a mess, fail to carry all the essential items, or just won’t keep the food fresh for you, then PacknGo should be the brand of your choice. has rated their lunch bags #1 for the years 2016 and 2017.

Following are the features that make a PacknGo lunch bag for adults the top rated choice by for two consecutive years:

1.    Resilient Construction

PacknGo lunch bags offer tough nylon construction to ensure durability and longevity. The design and geometry of these bags are such that your glass cutlery and breakable items remain safe. You can load the bags with as many boxes as you like without worrying about damaging them. Carrying heavy weight articles is not a problem anymore.

2.   Top-notch quality insulation

Another distinguishing quality of these insulated cooler lunch bags is they maintain the right temperature for your food items. Fruits and veggies will stay fresh, while a hot cuppa won’t lose its warmth either. The freshness of your lunch is guaranteed!

3.    An Impressive Storage Capacity

Are you planning to go on a picnic accompanied by a variety of dishes? Nothing will stop you from having a good time if you are determined except a lunch bag that is not spacious enough to accommodate all the lunch boxes and water bottle. This is why a large lunch bag by PacknGo only offers convenience in that department with its roomy compartments. Moreover, thanks to separate sections with durable zippers, you get to pack the items in an orderly manner.

4.    Non-Toxic and Easy to Carry

Other additional factors that make the PacknGo lunch bag for adults the best choice include comfortable carrying options such as a padded strap, and eco-friendly construction. Their bags comply with the FDA rules of non-toxicity. Thereby offering health safety to you and the environment.

What are you waiting for? Buy the ultimate lunch bag and enjoy your food.